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Real Estate Software to Help You Rent Your House

  • April 22, 2019
  • By Admin: Jamey Konicki
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There are so many software solutions that have designed for us that if you need an online tool to help you achieve a particular task, then you can be pretty sure there is a digital design company out there that has designed exactly what you need – or at least close to it. Within the real estate market software solutions are in demand and there are numerous companies in competition vying for property management company, house owners, and time share companies to sign up to their solution.

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Channel Managers

In all my time as a property marketing manager one of the best pieces of software I have ever seen is the inventio of the channel manager. It is a software synchronization tool that connects the same feature being used on several different websites or software applications and connects them all to its central database.

For example, in the vacation rental business there are several websites available for people to list their property for free. They place their property on the website, tell the website its locations, facilities it has, number of guests it can hold, and they upload pictures so people can see the place.

Now most people will not place their property on just one vacation rental site exclusively. Instead they will list it on as many vacation rental websites as possible. This way they can get more bookings and their property gets more online visibility.

Managing several listings for the same property on many websites is actually very easy as long as the person or company doing this uses a channel manager. As mentioned above, the channel manager is central location that connects all the software together. In this case the channel manager will connect all the calendars for the multiple websites into its central database.

When a property is booked on one website, then that website’s calendar tells the channel manager. The channel manager then spread this to all the other calendars on the other sites, so everything is kept in sync.

This system can work within any industry that needs database syncs, but I found this channel manager from Lodgify quite interesting because it means they vacation rental owners can literally have their entire booking system automated without any worry of double bookings.

See the channel manager webpage here. It’s quite an interesting read, plus the Lodgify website has plenty of other information on there to help people that want to start a business within the property management sector and use vacation rentals as part of their business model.

Booking Software

It may not be worth mentioning this because we have seen plenty of websites with booking systems built in. It’s pretty amazing how efficient they are too. Shopify is probably one of the greatest examples of a software product that has a completely built in booking system that connects to all the major financial payment system out there such as PayPal, Skrill, VISA, MasterCard and so on.

In fact, come to mention it, the aforementioned Lodgify software also comes with its own vacation rental website builder just as Shopify comes with its own ecommerce store builder.

With the combination of the channel manager and a decent booking system that will not let you down (because a booking system that lets you down means losing sales), and at the right price, you can start any business online, and if it works then great because you have affordable and reliable IT infrastructure, and if it doesn’t work, well, you didn’t have spend an arm and a leg hiring developers and designers to create a website that can handle your booking system.