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Knowing the brand of Precision Stone Design

  • December 27, 2018
  • By Admin: Jamey Konicki
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A brief detailing

Precision Stone Design is a brand dealing with the customised fabrication of natural and engineered stone and porcelain countertops. It currently owns about 300 different designs made up of granite, marble, quartz and engineered stone. With an experience of about 45 years in the industry of countertop fabrication, it has carved a niche of its own and has successfully risen as one of the leading brands. This article speaks in further detail about the various products of the same. One can view in detail on these via the given link

The core values

The following are the core values of the brand which it follows very diligently and is the primary reasons for the success of the same: –

  • Responsiveness, transparency and respectfulness towards the clients
  • Employing state of the art process to develop eco-friendly designs that can be recycled and restored easily
  • Embracing the technology and following all of the latest technology in designing and fabrication of the products that appease to a large group of customers and clients
  • Offering services in economical prices so as to make affordable by large sections of people
  • Considering the deadlines for each project seriously and completing every project within that specified time frame

The Primary Product

The primary product of the brand is countertop which is available in the following two major materials. The pros and cons of each are mentioned in good details: –

  • Quartz- Manufactured out of 95 per cent of crushed quartz and 5 per cent of colour pigments. It has a number of pros like the shiny glaze to impart good looks, easy maintenance due to lesser wearing out properties, a coating of anti-microbial to prevent any form of pest infestation and resistance to stains. But they have cons in their high price and artificial source of creation that adds up to carbon footprints on the earth.
  • Granite- Manufactured purely out of the fresh stone and are polished properly to give finer finishes to them. It has pros in terms of high durability to large temperatures, a natural source of produce and hence not adding up to the carbon footprints, unique looks and colours to the slabs, lesser expense and good withstanding properties. However, the cons lie in the fact that they do not have that good quality of stain resistance as quartz and require greater maintenance than the former, thus adding up further to the extra costs.

The clients

The clients of Precision Stone Design include offices, corporate headquarters, banks, hospitals, homes, apartment complexes and townhomes. Apart from these, various customer-specific customised orders are also considered which are then installed individually by the various servicing men.

On a concluding note

Hence, the brand has risen itself successfully in its field of products and has been successfully providing services to bring beautiful and functional customised countertops and other products like faucets and sinks to the target clients. Every model is made with cent per cent accuracy and more and more care is given to customer satisfaction. All of the recent technology used and the recent trends in this industry can be viewed easily from which can answer a number of queries.