4 Home Improvement Trends You Need To Consider This 2019

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  • 4 Home Improvement Trends You Need To Consider This 2019

4 Home Improvement Trends You Need To Consider This 2019

  • October 16, 2018
  • By Admin: Jamey Konicki
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As homeowners, we only want nothing but the best for our homes. We often go for home improvement projects that will not only make our homes look better but more beautiful than it was before. As 2018 comes to an end, this is the perfect time to plan your next project and get ready to make a bang out of 2019.

We have gathered four of the hottest trends that will make as a great addition to your home, and these are the following.

Console Tables

Console Tables are one of the most in-demand and versatile pieces of furniture in the market nowadays. Before, it only seems that basic console tables were the only option, but not anymore! With different makers and suppliers of luxury Console Tables Australia available, you can now choose from a wide range of choices that will surely compliment your home.

There are many ways on how to use a console table. You can always shop for an immaculate piece if you want to create a beautiful focal point on your entryway. You can also use one as a TV stand, a home bar, into a bedroom vanity and even as a home office. You’re sure to find Console Tables Australia that has impeccable design and is long-lasting to match most modern-day homes.

Accessibility Upgrades

A trend known as aging in place is becoming more popular than ever. Reports show that the increase in home care recipients jumped to 84% within ten years. As more baby boomers choose to remain and retire in their homes, the demand for houses to be accessible for older people continue to rise. Since they tend to be fragile and prone to accidents, many home improvements are now focused on meeting their delicate and changing needs.

Accessibility upgrades include homes with open floor plans, wider doorways and hallways, better bedrooms and a zero-clearance shower. Smart appliances and uplighting are also an excellent addition that makes it easier for older people to do their daily life activities.

Eco-friendly Upgrades

More homeowners are becoming eco-conscious, and it is no wonder why home improvements projects that are eco-friendly are on the rise. With man’s actions taking a huge toll on the environment, it is our responsibility to go everything we do to preserve what’s left. Thanks to innovative products, we can now improve the way we live and save the planet at the same time.

Some of the eco-friendly upgrades include installation of energy-saving appliances, solar panels and LED lights as well as insulation and making use of reclaimed wood and pre-owned items.


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It is a no-brainer that curb appeal matters. The first thing that people will see and notice about your home would be its exterior, which makes it vital to take care of your outdoor space. One of the best, most affordable and easiest way to achieve curb appeal would be by taking care of your yard.

Blooming flowers, trimmed lawn, healthy trees and plants, and a meandering pathway are just some of the things that can help increase the attractiveness of your home’s exterior. You can always opt for DIY projects, or hire a professional to take care of your home’s curb appeal.

There you have it! These are four of the hottest trends you need to consider including on your next home improvement projects. Now that you have an idea on what you can do to for a beautiful and impressive home, you can start making a plan to welcome 2019 with an even more gorgeous home.