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Stockport Fireplaces: 7 Tips For Home Safety

  • March 7, 2019
  • By Admin: Jamey Konicki
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A fireplace gives you and your family warmth, especially during the winter season. It can also serve as one of the best assets in your home that lifts its interiors and your home’s value. While having a fireplace is ideal, ensuring safety is also a must.

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If you have children in the house, it is also vital to walk them through the safety precaution of owning a fireplace. This way, you can prevent accidents from happening.

To know more, here are tips for your home safety:

1. Utilize a Dehydrated and Well-Aged Wood

Dried or dehydrated woods produce less smoke compare to green or wet ones. Using this type of logs can burn evenly and provide better fire and warmth. You do not have to worry about a smoke build up inside and outside of your home.

2. Perform a Chimney Maintenance Annually

For safer home and to ensure the quality of your chimney, perform maintenance procedure annually. Clean it thoroughly or hire a professional who can do it and caters fireplaces in Stockport. It is to guarantee that it would not accumulate thick ashes that can produce darker and denser smoke. This way, you can also confirm that no other objects are blocking the direction of the smoke.

3. Do Not Leave a Lighted Fireplace Unattended

Kids could be fascinated by the burning wood in your fireplace. It can spark their imagination and curiosity about what can happen next. Do not ever leave a lighted fireplace unattended to make sure that there will be no accidents to happen. Always remember to remove any flammable materials near the fireplace.

4. Free the Fireplace From Thick Ashes

Using your fireplace regularly can collate ashes from the burnt wood. Ensure that you remove the residue before utilizing it again. It is to make sure that it will not produce dark smokes towards the chimney or inside your home.

5. Always Keep a Fire Extinguisher Ready

A fire extinguisher is essential to ensure that you have the primary tool to combat a fire in case it happens. In any home, with or without a fireplace, a fire extinguisher is necessary to have.

6. Avoid Using Gasoline

While gas fires in Stockport are duly operated with gasoline and can make it easier for you to produce fire, it can lead to a stronger and sometimes uncontrollable heat and smoke. To avoid such occurrences, use an alternative to gasoline like charcoal fluid or other flammable liquids.

If you can burn the wood in the rawest way possible (by using only matches or other fire-producing tools), much better. It will help you a lot in controlling the fire.

7. Let Ashes Cool First Before Cleaning

Regularly cleaning your fireplace to free it from ashes is necessary. Before doing so, make sure that you let the ashes cool prior to discarding it. It will help you avoid burns and other accidents. Ensuring a quality wood burning stoves in Stockport should be part of your priority.

Fireplace safety is vital to know to make sure that it will only serve its purpose in your home and avoid unnecessary things to occur to you and your family. Selecting Stockport fireplaces and researching for quality suppliers are a must.